The Longevity Village

Many local centenarians and over 200,000 foreigners live in the outskirts of this village in the hope that they get to live over the 100 years of age in good health.
What is the secret of this place?


The Bama village is set in the highlands of the province of Guangxi, in Southeast China, north of the Vietnamese border with China.

Guangxi is a mountainous region with many rivers. Several cities are considered tourist destinations due to the jagged mountain peaks and rivers.


Guangxi has a subtropical climate. Summers are generally long and hot. The average annual temperature is 17 – 23° Celsius, while average annual precipitation is 1250 to 1750 mm.

What makes this region ideal for people getting to be over a hundred years of age, is not just its geographical location but the quality of its air and the minerals found in the water from rivers, creeks, and waterfalls. It is well known that negative ions or anions are present in large amounts where pristine running water is found.

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