About AlphaSpin

What is AlphaSpin?


AlphaSpin is a powerful holistic wellness tool infused with Proprietary Spinning Frequency that produces a powerful resonance capable of transferring spinning energy so that a quantum energy field is established.

It was designed taking into account the effect the vortex that is formed when spinning frequency moves in a counterclockwise and clockwise direction, just as a tornado and a storm originates. So that, instant change is possible.

The counterclockwise spin can be used in the most efficient way to get the maximum wellness benefits.

The resonance and vibration of spinning frequencies of the AlphaSpin is transferred through Water, Light, and Air. It is believed that the natural resonance of the AlphaSpin is similar to that found in many water springs around the world, including Bama.



has been known to:

– Improve micro circulation

– Create a natural quantum field

– Generate hexagonal water clusters

– Improve absorption and increase hydration

– Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

– Improve plant growth and seed germination

– Increase the absorption of face and body creams

– Harmonize your living environment surrounded by EMFs

– Be used as a Reflexology frequency tool to facilitate the flow of energy

– Reduce wrinkles by hydrating the skin and activating collagen and elastin

– Use in conjunction with a humidifier or air purifier to improve the quality of air

Counterclockwise Effect of Vortex in the Quantum Energy Field

fig3 fig4







The quantum energy field shapes as a tetrahedron with angles of 109.5o. Just as the atom of Carbon undergoes SP3 hybridization does. Spinning energy is then expressed as a result of the conversion of the four vortexes resulting in the expansion of the quantum energy field.

Physics Nobel Prize Laureates

The work of these scientists has revolutionized the way we live. Our understanding of the universe thanks to their contribution has opened many possibilities for the development of nanotechnology.

History of Spinning Energy

All of them received the Nobel Prize in Physics, for their significant contributions to the world of energy


s1Spinning Energy is the energy of everything that
exists and was first described by Thales de Miletus
(624 – 547 BC)



Max Planck (1918) received the Nobel Prize for
his work on Quantum Theory.




Walther Nernst received the Nobel Prize in
1920 for his work in Thermo-chemistry


s4Albert Einstein received the Noble Prize in 1921
for his work in the Photoelectric effect and his now
famous theory of relativity, where Energy and matter
become inter-convertible.



s5Otto Stern received the Noble Prize in 1943 for
his work on Spin Quantization.

Structured Water for Life


AlphaSpin is NOT a medical device or tool. It should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice or intended as a substitute for professional medical opinion. AlphaSpin cannot be used to diagnose, treat and prevent any disease.