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AlphaSpin is the best solution to counteract the harmful effects of radiation emanating from EMF through mobile phones, computers, TV, cars, planes, electrical appliances, etc.
The AlphaSpin is a powerful holistic wellness tool infused with Proprietary Spinning Frequency that generates a strong resonance capable of establishing a Quantum Energy Field. The quantum energy field protects you and your love ones from the harmful effects of EMF exposure, by harmonizing such frequency with the environment.

Freedom from the Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies

We are constantly exposed to the harmful effect of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) coming from electrical appliances, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, computers, microwave ovens, air conditioning systems, etc.
Constant exposure to EMF significantly contributes to the onset of adverse health effects such as recurrent headaches, poor quality sleep, fatigue, dizziness, autism, attention deficit disorder, hormonal disfunction, abnormal behavioral patterns etc.

Did you know that the thinner the skull the greater amount of radiation crosses the blood brain barrier?

How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm

Mankind has never before being so influenced by microwaves, cordless phones, WiFi, radio, LCD screens and so forth, all of which have flooded the planet and have increased its natural Schumann frequency from 7.8 Hz to 13.5 Hz, and have caused harmful effects to the environment and mankind. The planet is now entering a critical stage that is marked by more earthquakes, tsunamis, climate change, storms, pestilences, etc.
AlphaSpin has been known to harmonize the EMFs and stimulate life energy vitality and calmness.